Cofounder and CEO
Richard Rabbat is cofounder and CEO of Gfycat, the largest platform for short-form looping video (GIF), a top site 100 worldwide according (Alexa). Prior to Gfycat, Richard was VP of games and advertising at Tango, where he built the games platform to increase engagement and drive re-engagement and drove 100M game installs. Prior to Tango, he was General Manager at Zynga where he built first-party gaming platform. At Google, he was a product manager on search and is the co-creator of the WebP image format.Richard holds S.M. and Ph.D degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and M.E and B.E. degrees from the American University of Beirut in Computer and Communications Engineering.
We will discuss the move on mobile from long-form video to shorter-content. GIF is a great medium for encoding small animated images, which can be then used in messaging apps such as WeChat and iMessage. It scales poorly when the content is high-resolution and detail-rich. We will discuss how we adopted HTML5 Video (WebP and MP4) to deliver better value to our users, reduce bandwidth needs and increase the use of the platform. We will then discuss the machine learning work we've done to analyze all the content that was being generated by users worldwide. We analyze sports moments, celebrities, read captions from the uploaded video and generally enhance the discoverability of the content. Our work has lead to creators making more than 50 million GIFs, all the way from funny animated stickers to more complex gaming moments to short-form story-telling GIFs and finally 360 content. We'll discuss the issues we faced with off-the-shelf machine learning APIs and how we built and scaled our own machine-learning practice based to deliver solutions unique to our content and our use-case.